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Ownership FAQ – Luxury Villa Rentals Anguilla

If you are searching for Anguilla villa rentals, and you frequently visit Anguilla, please consider Whole Ownership at CéBlue.

Learn how our collection of luxury villas on Anguilla can provide you with years of vacation time in your own villa at a fraction of the cost.

Facts, Answers and Question’s

What is a CéBlue Share?

The title to each CéBlue villa is divided into shares. Each CéBlue share owner receives the right to use their CéBlue villa for a designated period of time each year.

Can I Transfer or Resell my Ownership Share?

Yes. CéBlue share owners can transfer or resell their ownership share at any time. They can sell the share on their own or through a real estate agent.

Will CéBlue be Open to the Public?

No. The villas are privately owned and controlled by the owners for their exclusive use and enjoyment.

Do CéBlue Owners have Guest Privileges?

Yes. Owners can invite their guests to use the villas on an accompanied or unaccompanied basis.

Do CéBlue Owners have Exchange Privileges in other Luxury Vacation Villas?

Yes. CéBlue owners are members in the exclusive Preferred Residences program providing exchange privileges in luxury vacation villas worldwide.

Can CéBlue Owners Rent their Unused Vacation Weeks?

Yes. Owners can elect to participate in CéBlue’s villa rental program. Anguilla villa rentals are always in high demand and we have a professionally managed rental program in place. Participation in the program is optional. Owners can elect to put as many weeks as they would like to in the program.

Who Controls the Affairs of CéBlue Villas?

An owner elected Board of Directors control the operations and budget for the CéBlue’s villas.

Can a Corporation, LLC or Trust Hold Title to a CéBlue Share?

Yes. The legal entity that purchases the CéBlue share identifies one individual who enjoys CéBlue villa vacation privileges.

How is Title Conveyed to a CéBlue Share?

As is customary on Anguilla and on many Caribbean islands, title is held as a Beneficial Interest in a Trust. Possession of a Beneficial Interest comes with all of the rights of title including the right to transfer and sell an interest at any given time.

What are the CéBlue Share Annual HOA Fees?

The annual HOA fee covers all of the costs of villa ownership including; operations and management of the villas, property taxes, reserves and government fees. Specifically, these HOA fees cover the cost of utilities, maintenance, housekeeping, cable TV, wireless internet, telephones, kitchen supplies, transportation, concierge services, and accounting. Please ask us for more details. The annual costs are considerably less than what you would pay for a one week Anguilla villa rental.

Do I have to know the Other Owners of my Vacation Home?

No. Very few people know the other owners before the purchase and because there is no overlap in fractional usage, people often go from year to year without meeting the other villa owners.

Do I have to Furnish or Decorate my Vacation Home?

We do the work for you! Your home at CéBlue is beautifully furnished and fully-equipped with accessories, cooking utensils, appliances, dishes, flatware and all linens.

Can I Bring My Own Furniture and Accessories to my Vacation Home?

Your vacation home at CéBlue has been designed to a level of luxury and comfort befitting the best-of-the-best vacation retreats. It is also furnished and accessorized to a very high standard. That said, you may want to bring some personal framed photographs, accessories, etc. and store them in your locker when you are not there.

Ownership FAQ – Luxury Villa Rentals Anguilla

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